The Project

With business booming, one of the most popular shooting ranges in town wanted to create a better way to register customers for the ranges and manage them while they are shooting.


We met Jon Kirson, owner of Orlando Gun Club, through an introduction by his wife. She serves on the Best Buddies Central Florida advisory board with Grant (Ceroic’s owner, if you haven’t made it to the about page). Simply put, he “needed an app”.

Orlando Gun Club is one of the, if not the, most popular shooting ranges in town and needed a better way to manage customers wanting to use their 3 shooting ranges, including offer an exclusive members-only experience.

The original process was paper-based, and required the customer to fill out multiple release forms sometimes answering the same questions multiple times. Once they had the release forms filled out, the staff managed range assignment manually using clipboards.

While the process might sound simple, it was actually managing a strict set of regulations and options the customer had. Here’s a few things the process managed:

  • Citizenship Requirements
  • Identification Requirements
  • Range Selection – There are different ranges for different firearm types.
  • Minors – Minors can shoot with a guardian, but have their own releases.
  • Gun Rental
  • Members – Members received priority placement in the queue for range assignment.

All of this worked, however it wasn’t the best experience for customers and when business picked up it was a challenge for the staff to be on the same page since they were spread across multiple stations to handle the flow of customers.

What We Did

Create a single web application with 2 different interfaces

iPad Based Registration

From the start Jon knew iPads would be the best option for his customers. So we built a kiosk-style iPad app that immediately feels familiar to anyone who has used a similar system before. For those who haven’t, the process uses Yes / No, Back / Forward answers so anyone can use it.

Remembering Loyal Customers

It was important to offer returning customers and members an even better experience, so the application remembers previous registrations. If it recognizes a customers email, it will pre-fill their registration based on their previous answers.

Members are automatically recognized as well and indicated within the queue for easy recognition by the staff.

No Release Forms

After customers have registered the system automatically generates the appropriate release forms and emails them to the customer while storing a digital copy for record keeping.

Everyone On  The Same Page

The OGC staff use a web browser to view the Queue portion of the application. Any changes made from new registrations to lane assignments automatically appear on the screen with no interaction (browser refreshes). This gives everyone an immediate and accurate view.

No IT Support Needed

We built the app using web technologies so the staff wouldn’t be bogged down by complicated installation and update procedures. In essence, they open a web browser to use the app. If there is an update, they hit refresh.

The Results

Today Orlando Gun Club is pushing close to 1,000 registrations a week and have completely eliminated their paper-based process.

Since our initial release we’ve added a few modifications as well:

  • Website Integration – OGC sells memberships directly on their website. When a customer comes into the range, the system automatically picks that up and treats the customer as a returning visitor.
  • Issue Management – The system already included simple customer management, so we added a place the staff could store and share issues that occur.

As for working with us? Well we think Jon gave us one of the best testimonials we’ve ever gotten:

“You do what you say, when you say it will be done, for the price you said it would cost.”

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Orlando Gun Club App Live 2
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Orlando Gun Club Lobby
Orlando Gun Club Queue App

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