The Project

Create a simple tool to solve a not so simple problem.


We were referred to Lawton Printers by the guys over at Net Conversion a few years back. Lawton has a very cool division, Mr. Scratch Off. Mr. Scratch Off, as the name suggests, prints scratch-off cards that can be used for contests, promotional giveaways, etc.

Now, the act of printing a scratch off card is relatively straight-forward. However, what’s unique is each card is actually different. This typically is driven by a data file of sorts (think Excel) with one row representing one card. In the beginning, when the games and contests were simple, this was taken care of by an employee manually creating a spreadsheet.

As things picked up, this wasn’t feasible anymore. Imagine having to manually create 100,000+ rows in a spreadsheet and then verify they were correct! Originally we were asked to create scripts for the really complex games, but as time went on and business grew that was too time consuming. At this point we suggested a simple internal app.

Enter Scratch-o-matic!

What We Did

Scratch-o-matic is an extremely simple web interface that allows the users to enter specific game parameters, and then generates a proof file and the actual data file for the game.

Reliable Results

Employees copy and pasting massive numbers of records could result in simple mistakes. Now that everything is generated automatically, results are 100% correct.

Multiple Locations, Automatic Distribution

Many clients have multiple locations that will be using the scratch-off cards. Now the Mr. Scratch Off team can define rules for an overall game or contest and have the app automatically distribute those results across the locations, based on the client’s distribution rules.

Saved Games

Sometimes clients wanted to do multiple runs of a game. This is easily handled since the tool saves the configuration of the games and lets the staff easily click a button to re-run the game.

No Design

This is an internal app and just needed to be functional, not pretty. Why is this a feature? Well it saved Lawton almost a week and a half of discussion and time (aka Money)

Less Than Two Weeks

What it took for us to put the app together, meaning they paid for less than 2 weeks worth of effort for an app that’s been running their business for over 1 year.

The Results

Lawton has handled close to 500 games using Scratch-O-Matic. Every so often one comes up that requires us to do a custom script, but overall Scratch-O-Matic has operated as is for over a year.

According to Susan Shoffner, Solutions Specialist for Lawton:

“We use this application EVERY day and I can honestly say it has saved us hundreds of hours in manual data preparation time which translates into thousands of dollars of revenue for our company”

All that for less than 2 weeks worth of work. Not too shabby.

Desktop View Scratch-O-Matic
Lawton Printers Publicity sign
Scratch Off Card Printing Press
Scratch Off Cards Being Printed

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